Today, when we remember how a small group of people brought fear, destruction and war to our world, I honor a small group of people who are bringing healing, hope and renewal. Take time today to consider who you know that is making a difference with their life. It doesn’t take an army to make an enormous impact–go change someone’s world today. #whyareyoufamous



Anatomy of A Portrait, Part 1

I paint using a classical approach, following a technique developed centuries ago. One difference is that I prefer to tone my canvas with a blue-gray to start, rather than a more traditional earthtone (my foot helps show the size of this large 30×40 canvas).

1 canvas

I draw my composition onto this toned canvas in graphite, and then paint the whole thing using only very thinned-down raw umber. This establishes the lights and darks.


So, by the time I begin to paint with color, I have been over the entire thing twice, and am very familiar with my subject.


Anatomy of a Portrait, Part 2

Starting with the face, I now start setting color in and establishing the planes & angles. This is my favorite part, as it seems to emerge and come to life and it almost feels like sculpting at times. Pushing and pulling forward and back to set the form. I rarely have a good likeness at this stage, as is the case today.


Anatomy of a Portrait, Part 3

Anatomy of a portrait, part 3: Bring your saxaphone, I said. That will be really cool, I said. ‪#‎socomplicated‬ ‪#‎whatwasithinking‬ This is gonna take a while……